Our Chef

Biography of Craig Erickson   

Born and raised just outside of Chicago, Craig had an opportunity at age 13 to work at a local Italian restaurant that his brother helped manage. Working his way up to lead line cook at 16, he fell for the excitement and variety that the kitchen offered.

Craig graduated high school a semester early and moved to Newport Beach to work for the Marriott at Fashion Island. There he developed his skills in preparation for his move towards becoming a CWC (Certified Working Chef). After 2 years in California the distance from family and friends in Chicago drew Craig back to his hometown.

Back in Chicago, a chance meeting with a chef at a catered event he was attending would change everything. Hans Aeschbacher was the chef of a small catering company; at that first meeting he offered Craig the job of Chef de Cuisine at their headquarters which happened to be the Chicago Stadium. He ran the dining rooms for the players and their families, as well as the VIP dining room. Chef Hans ties to the American Culinary Federation and an eagerness to help Craig get to the next level of CEC (Certified Executive Chef) drove Craig to accomplish that goal over the next 3 years. The experience of a lifetime for any chef was handed to Craig when Hans decided to move on, leaving Craig to lead a team of 80 cooks, 4 restaurants and 216 luxury suites. The next 4 years was a whirlwind of events, championships, concerts, charity events for 3000 and feeding U.S. Presidents.

During the next 8 years Craig was the Corporate Chef for Gordon Biersch. Progressing from 5 restaurants to 24 restaurants, the experience of opening restaurants, developing training materials, implementing quality seasonal and specials rotation was a great learning opportunity.

Coming to Maui opened his eyes to the freshness and commitment to quality that he had been searching for.  After a couple of stints at some local restaurants in Lahaina Craig found the answer to his dreams in March 2007, the Sea House. The restaurant’s location is unparalleled by any others, the attitude towards quality, the commitment to the spirit of Aloha and the feeling of ohana were a package that fit perfectly with Craig’s philosophy.